Regency Renewed
Project Team: Phase 01  Greg Bordynowski
Phase 02, Tower Addition  Frank Nelson and Patrick Cooke
Contractor: Accent General Contracting (Charles Priem superintendent)
Phase 01 foreman Lanny Neff,
Phase 02 foreman Dana Poteat
Interior Design: Robinson Morrow Associates
Sam Morrow, principal and Gary Gregg
Landscape Design: DCA Landscape Architects, Amy Mills principal

Myrtle Grove
Project Architect: Hattie Hartman
Contractor: John S. Labat
Landscape Design:Michael V. Bartlett

Langdon Point
Project Team: Phase 01  Greg Bordynowski
Phase 02  Frank Nelson and Patrick Cooke
Contractor:  Mike Butler, Choptank Builders
Landscape Design: Phase 01  Michael V. Bartlett
Phase 02  Yunghi Choi

Killermont House
Project Architect: SteveSchottler
Contractor: Peter Kreyling
Landscape Design: Florence Everets

Project Architect: Ann Marie Wesson
Contractor: John D. Richardson
Landscape Design: Client, with Michael V. Bartlett

Addition with Pergola
Contractor: David J. Brown
Landscape Design: Michael V. Bartlett

American Shingle Vernacular
Project Architect: Jeff Chown
Contractor: Pratt Construction
Landscape Design: Gay Crowther

American Renaissance Style
Project Architect: Frank Nelson
Landscape Design: Michael V. Bartlett

Ashford Farm
Project Architects: Vince Morade, Jeff Chown
Contractor: Winchester Construction
Landscape Design: Yunghi Choi


Architecture is performed best in collaboration with other individuals committed to their respective crafts. To that end, we want to acknowledge the contributions of the following staff, consultants and contractors:

All credited photographs in "Regency Renewed" by
Gordon Beall or Judy Davis of Hoachlander/Davis Photography, as listed.
All photographs in "Killermont House" by Maxwell MacKenzie.
All other photographs by Charles Rumph.
All photographs in "A Waterman's Cottage" by Anice Hoachlander of Hoachlander/Davis Photography, except as otherwise listed.

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