We are always interested in hiring architects who are interested in our design philosophy and are capable of delivering professional services of the highest quality and value to our clients.

Our staff can expect to work on all phases of a project: from site visit, schematic design, contract bid and construction drawing to contract administration. They also become involved in the collaboration with landscape architects, structural engineers and other design, construction and technical professionals. Architects who progress in our practice can expect to develop their facility with a wide range of vernacular architectural forms while crafting the right solution for a project.

At the same time they will strengthen practical skills, acquiring in the process:
— An in-depth knowledge of construction
— A facility for considering and presenting a variety of design alternates, and in selecting architectural details that are appropriate to the design and budget of a project
— Experience in managing complex projects
— An increased understanding of the physical properties, costs, and sources of mechanical systems, appliances, and manufactured and custom-designed construction materials
— The ability to produce high-quality, comprehensive contract documents
— An improved facility with developing reasonably accurate construction cost estimates

Architects pictured along with the client and crew of a garden room addition.
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