Our Philosophy
  Designing a house is a rich process of exploring the meanings of home. The emotional center of the process reflects a vision that resonates long after the end of construction because the final design—with its carefully selected details—successfully interprets how our clients live and how they wish to live.

We believe an integral part of articulating that vision lies in advancing the conversation between a building and its broader surroundings, by considering the unique array of influences that enhance a particular property's sense of place. Regional history and customs; local topography; climate and plant life; diurnal, seasonal and even tidal changes—all are forces that have varying degrees of impact on one's regard for a property. We advance this conversation through an inventive and elegant selection of vernacular architectural forms and details, as well as careful attention to an overall plan for the site. The choice of forms and details often reflects the direction in which a client wishes to take that conversation. The details reinforce the building's relationship to the site, providing occasions of surprising connections and recurring delight to the house's residents.

The excellence of our standards for design are matched by the rigor we bring to the building process, aided by our in-depth knowledge of construction and materials; production of high quality; comprehensive construction documents; expertise in managing complex projects; and facility in developing reasonably accurate estimates of construction costs. In this way, we ensure that our clients meet their design and budget objectives.



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